C.T. Watts & Associates, PC

C.T. Watts & Associates is excited to offer educational services to students across Central Pennsylvania.  

S.O.A.R. is a specialized tutoring program that reflects our core values. We strive to do what is best for the STUDENT and his or her family. We provide OUTSTANDING instruction that compliments your child's learning style and preference.We believe that every student has the ABILITY to ACHIEVE and REACH new heights.

Currently, our private practice offers the following educational services for students entering Kindergarten through 6th grade.

One-to-One Content Learning

        We value your child's unique learning preferences. We also appreciate the fact you are your child's first teacher; therefore, you are our most important resource. We view you as our educational partner in your child's educational endeavors.  With this in mind, our partnership will begin with an initial, confidential consultation.

        The One-to-One Content Learning sessions are 50 minutes long and are conveniently held in our Learning Lab.  S.O.A.R. values the importance of family relationships and communication; therefore time will be allotted at the end of each session to allow for family communication, reflection, and planning.  We are willing to collaborate with your child's teacher, upon request.

Small Group Learning Sessions

        Students will be able to work in a small learning group (no more than five students) to reinforce important curricular skills.  These hands-on learning sessions are held in the Learning Lab.  Our Educational Director will collaborate with you to identify which skill(s) will be the focus for the duration of this 3-session package.

Homework Help

        Does your child have a special project that is due for school? Allow us to help!  We will collaborate with your child to ensure that his/her project is something they will be proud to share with their teacher and peers!

S.O.A.R. at Home

    C.T. Watts & Associates, place a high priority on education; therefore we will work diligently to ensure that we can meet your family's unique needs. S.O.A.R. will come to your home to offer our One-to-One Content Learning Sessions and/or Homework Help. This is ideal for families that prefer the comforts of their own home and/or wish to take advantage of our sibling rates. Please contact our office for additional information.